Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Approach

At ConneXtions, we support self-direction and self-management and maximise resources by mobilising a person’s personal and community networks to support people to live full and meaningful lives.

Our Vision & Mission

To realise full participation, respect, support and belonging, for people with disabilities, to live the life of their choice, and be valued for who they are.

We Value:

  • Inclusion and belonging.
  • Informed choice, control and courage.
  • People leading and living with purpose.
  • Creative thinking and disruptive innovation.
  • People being the experts and leaders of their lives.
  • Ongoing growth, reflection and learning.
  • Partnering for sustainability.

Our Practice:

We will:

  • Work with people to identify their vision, strategies and networks available to achieve outcomes.
  • Support people to realise their full potential and challenge and create opportunities to make this happen.
  • Build the capability and capacity of people with disability and their personal networks to realise their life goals.
  • Walk alongside people in their journey.
  • Empower people to self-direct and self-manage.
  • Challenge ourselves and others to continuously grow and think big.