The ConneXtions Way

About Connextions

We are a social inclusion organisation committed to supporting people to realise an inclusive life, rich in belonging and relationships with others.

Our Approach

At ConneXtions we support self-direction and self-management and maximise resources by mobilising a person’s personal and community networks to support people to live full and meaningful lives.

We Support

  • People living ordinary and typical lives in their communities.

  • People participating with purpose and in the places that are important to them.

  • People taking the time to think and reflect on what a “good things in life” looks like.

  • People inviting people to support the key steps towards realising a good life.

  • People supporting people to be the best they can be.

  • People having real choice and control in who supports them.

  • People self-directing and self-managing their own lives.

How we Work

  • We assist people to think about their life goals, plan the supports they need and explore what options exist and/or can be created, to best fit the person and their lifestyle.

  • We support people to self-direct and/or self-manage, and can customise, coordinate and/or manage services, support plans and team arrangements.

  • We encourage people to do as much or as little as they are comfortable with and provide only the support necessary for people to do this.

  • We can provide assistance with planning support, plan implementation, plan management, and/or support coordination.